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On Version Numbers…

We will be changing version numbering of our products. Admitted, if we didn’t feel we have to do this, most probably we wouldn’t have cared at all. For ASV, we started with version 1.0, in 2000. And major versions went like 2, 3, 4… We reserved .5 minor update for a somewhat very significant update […]

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ASV, UAE, ASR 5.25 updates released!

These updates mainly enhance the decompile engine and fix some bugs. (No CS3/AS3 support yet, it will come with 6th versions and ASV 6 is expected to be available by July 16th, 2007). I will keep this post short. ASV license owners: if you are also using SWF Encrypt 4, please test your protected SWFs […]

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ASV, UAE, ASR updates released… (2)

Another day, another update… How embarrassing! Nevertheless, this has happened before and we had to do what we had to do. We released updates, within 24 hours of the 5.20 updates, which fixes a single bug. Current versions of ASV, UAE and ASR are now 5.21… This made me think why we don’t release updates […]

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ASV, UAE, ASR updates released…

As scheduled, we have released 5.20 versions of ASV, UAE and ASR. Only the decompile engine has been enhanced and fixed (apart from very minor changes to other parts), still changes are significant. (As usual license owners can download the updated versions at their assigned download URLs). New versions bypass some new obfuscations older versions […]

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ASV, UAE and ASR Updated

I usually don’t post about minor bug-fix updates to our software, but it turns out a significant amount of our customers simply forget to download the updates. It’s trivial to have a ‘feature’ that checks for updates regularly, then download and update the software but ‘do not call home’ is our policy. In this spyware […]

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