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SWF (and FLV) 8 Specs Released

SWF version 8 specs, which includes FLV specs as usual,  were released earlier today. FLV format is better documented this time and includes data packet format. Most annoying part for me was Acrobat Reader 6 requirement, as I only have v5 and normally wouldn’t install bloated later versions. Good news is that Adobe has the […]

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Web Standards, SWF Specs and beyond…

Let me start by stating that I have no real interest in Web Standards and I barely deduce the meaning when I read the phrase… redev.org had a post about a site that the webmaster considered an IE-compliant-only site is OK. Also Sean Corfield blogged about this and stated that IE stats shouldn’t be 97% […]

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SWF7 Specs Released!

SWF 7 file format specs were released by Macromedia. The documentation seems better than SWF6 specs, though similar, and Macromedia was quick releasing the specs this time. (Via JD)

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