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Lots of Public Betas from Adobe (Flex 3, AIR, Flash Player 9 update 3)

Flash Player 9 update 3Flash Player Update 3 Beta 1 (build is now available for download at Adobe Labs. 371 bugs were fixed since update 2, but that’s just the start. Adobe has more to please. Tinic Uro has the definitive post about this (though he doesn’t mention the ‘Flash Player Cache’ feature like […]

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Flex Builder: The IDE for Flex

Macromedia released Flex Builder (formerly code named Brady), the IDE for Flex. Flex Builder comes bundled with Flex. When you purchase Flex, you receive 5 licenses for Flex Builder. The net result is that Flex as a product is updated and now the price, considered out of reach by many of us, includes a nice […]

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