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Silverlight in the Past Tense… Another Flash Killer bites the dust!

Flash is stronger than ever, as proved by the recent Adobe MAX 2010, and another so called Flash Killer is now gone…

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Silverlight must Live!

If you want to read a great analysis, read Grant Skinner’s (and while at there check out the next post, free gAlign Panel). Update: Chafic Kazoun also has a great post (Via Keith Peters’ Bit-101) . Silverlight will certainly fail its role as the Flash killer. (Why? Because it’s from Microsoft). What I’m worried about […]

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Adobe LiveMotion, shares the fate of Microsoft Liquid Motion. Both applications were quoted as ‘Flash Killer’ various times. Now, Microsoft will have a new ‘Flash Killer’ code named ‘Sparkle’ with LongHorn, it is reported. But this is clearly 2-3 years away.

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