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What should be the new name for Flash Authoring Tool…

I hated the Flash Builder name change and found it totally wrong, it turns out some of my reasoning was caused by different understanding of what Flash and Flash Platform means. I've updated my definitions in my previous post, but my concerns about increased confusion are still valid. If Flash Builder name is indeed to […]

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Why I don’t think Flash Builder is a good name…

A man applies to court to legally change his name. Judge asks "What's your current name?", man replies "John Shit". Judge says "I see why you want the change. What would you like your new name to be?". Man says "James"… I admit there was some confusion because "Flex Builder" could actually build more than […]

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ASV is 9 today…

So I haven’t been posting lately. I was obviously busy, but main reason was (as I have written before) I didn’t want to sound like trying to sell more copies of ASV using my blog, and I didn’t want to post off-topic, but any on topic useful bits of info I could share was un-shareable. […]

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