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Why I don’t think Flash Builder is a good name…

A man applies to court to legally change his name. Judge asks "What's your current name?", man replies "John Shit". Judge says "I see why you want the change. What would you like your new name to be?". Man says "James"… I admit there was some confusion because "Flex Builder" could actually build more than […]

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‘Flash is dead’ Mindset…

Jesse Ezell proclaimed Flash dead on May 2, 2007. On May3, he blogged more details. That post is quite long, softer and may fool some people, he even ends it by saying ‘So, Flash is great. Silverlight just solves a lot of the major problems that I’ve run into with Flash’. On June 12, Tinic […]

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Lots of Public Betas from Adobe (Flex 3, AIR, Flash Player 9 update 3)

Flash Player 9 update 3Flash Player Update 3 Beta 1 (build is now available for download at Adobe Labs. 371 bugs were fixed since update 2, but that’s just the start. Adobe has more to please. Tinic Uro has the definitive post about this (though he doesn’t mention the ‘Flash Player Cache’ feature like […]

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Cease and Desist Adobe! (and Microsoft and Apple and Real)

It’s not April 1st, right? Let me check the date again because I find it hard to believe these guys… Read the story at The Register for a good laugh! In short, these guys developed some DRM and claim that Adobe, MS, Apple and Real are in violation of the law (DMCA) because they are […]

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Flash MX 2004 7.2 Update

It’s available now. It was no surprise this time… Because Macromedia started being more open and more close to developers lately. We not only knew Flash 7.2 updater was codenamed Ellipsis, we know that 8ball is the codename of the next Flash version. Mike Chambers, Developer Relations Product Manager for the Flash Platform (which is […]

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