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And Then Premium Features Arrived…

On March 28, 2012, Adobe announced and introduced the anxiously awaited Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming, with Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2. Also Roadmap for Flash Runtimes was updated. (BTW, the problem with the road-map is that it’s just some plans, ‘official gossip’ as I call it, it offers no commitment or legally binding […]

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Why will Premium Flash Player Features Kill Flash?

SWF file format, the format for Flash files, is proprietary. Flash has been criticized for this by many, including late Steven P. Jobs. But SWF format has been open, since 1998 with the initial release of SWF specifications. And this is what we all said against proprietary format argument. Openness of SWF format meant that any 3rd […]

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Online Chromatic Guitar Tuner with Flash

It was 1994, me and me brother were into music and computers (in that order). It was the year we created a MIDI driver for Windows 3.1 (Windows 95 was still in beta at the time). The device driver converted audio input to MIDI notes. We could directly record from line input to MIDI sequencer software. It […]

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What should be the new name for Flash Authoring Tool…

I hated the Flash Builder name change and found it totally wrong, it turns out some of my reasoning was caused by different understanding of what Flash and Flash Platform means. I've updated my definitions in my previous post, but my concerns about increased confusion are still valid. If Flash Builder name is indeed to […]

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Updating my definitions… Done.

In Flash world, even the most obvious and simple word 'Flash' has a dubious meaning. After online and off-line reactions to my recent posts, I have updated my definitions (actually they are not formal or complete definitions, but what you need to really understand when the 'term' is used unless the context strongly suggests another […]

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