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I moderate all comments. That surely stops any spam reaching ‘published’ state and to you, but I have to deal with them all. Most spam and inappropriate comments are not interesting at all. Here are two comments I received for my last post in succession: Comment: ——– Always enjoy reading this blog. Please keep up […]

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ASV 6 Alpha 1

We have just made ASV 6 Alpha1 available to all licensed ASV 5 users. It’s really an alpha release, very incomplete. Still, we think it will not be totally useless. And with the future alpha and beta versions, we hope our users will help us finding issues (With this alpha1 release, there are so many […]

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ASV, UAE, ASR 5.25 updates released!

These updates mainly enhance the decompile engine and fix some bugs. (No CS3/AS3 support yet, it will come with 6th versions and ASV 6 is expected to be available by July 16th, 2007). I will keep this post short. ASV license owners: if you are also using SWF Encrypt 4, please test your protected SWFs […]

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SWF Encrypt, SWC Encrypt, Do you need them both?

… If you have a Flash obfuscator, it’s easy to obfuscate SWF files in SWC files using your current obfuscator. You don’t really need to purchase a separate SWC obfuscator. And if you have a SWC obfuscator…

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ASV, UAE, ASR updates released…

As scheduled, we have released 5.20 versions of ASV, UAE and ASR. Only the decompile engine has been enhanced and fixed (apart from very minor changes to other parts), still changes are significant. (As usual license owners can download the updated versions at their assigned download URLs). New versions bypass some new obfuscations older versions […]

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