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Hello world (again)!

Moving to WordPress after 7 years of MovableType with TypePad (Thanks for the ride). (Truth is I don’t blog much anymore – I mean, even less than usual, I was never a heavy blogger – but I’m on twitter regularly – mostly I retweet and mark favs…). Anyway, the move seems went fine – I […]

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ASV is 9 today…

So I haven’t been posting lately. I was obviously busy, but main reason was (as I have written before) I didn’t want to sound like trying to sell more copies of ASV using my blog, and I didn’t want to post off-topic, but any on topic useful bits of info I could share was un-shareable. […]

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Blog comments…

I moderate all comments. That surely stops any spam reaching ‘published’ state and to you, but I have to deal with them all. Most spam and inappropriate comments are not interesting at all. Here are two comments I received for my last post in succession: Comment: ——– Always enjoy reading this blog. Please keep up […]

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Yet Another Flash Blog…

It was cool if you had a blog once. Now, it’s weird if you don’t have one. It was May 2002 when blogging (at least for the Flash community) really emerged. In fact, I’d say this Wired article marks the start; after that day Blog was a familiar term. It was on May 4th, 2002 […]

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