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ASV. 12.

  Today, we released the 12th anniversary edition of ASV¹ (ASV 2012/05) and also SWF Revealer 2.08 update. Thank you all!   Update (2012/05/17): To add some value to this dull post: In the first days, people sent us their own SWFs to get back the decompiled AS, in order to believe that ASV really worked […]

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ASV is 11 Today

ASV 1.0 was released exactly 11 years ago… And today we released the 11th anniversary version: Thank you all for your support. Flash community is one of the best out there for sure.

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ASV is 9 today…

So I haven’t been posting lately. I was obviously busy, but main reason was (as I have written before) I didn’t want to sound like trying to sell more copies of ASV using my blog, and I didn’t want to post off-topic, but any on topic useful bits of info I could share was un-shareable. […]

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On Version Numbers…

We will be changing version numbering of our products. Admitted, if we didn’t feel we have to do this, most probably we wouldn’t have cared at all. For ASV, we started with version 1.0, in 2000. And major versions went like 2, 3, 4… We reserved .5 minor update for a somewhat very significant update […]

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Blog comments…

I moderate all comments. That surely stops any spam reaching ‘published’ state and to you, but I have to deal with them all. Most spam and inappropriate comments are not interesting at all. Here are two comments I received for my last post in succession: Comment: ——– Always enjoy reading this blog. Please keep up […]

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