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And Then Premium Features Arrived…

On March 28, 2012, Adobe announced and introduced the anxiously awaited Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming, with Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2. Also Roadmap for Flash Runtimes was updated. (BTW, the problem with the road-map is that it’s just some plans, ‘official gossip’ as I call it, it offers no commitment or legally binding […]

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Why will Premium Flash Player Features Kill Flash?

SWF file format, the format for Flash files, is proprietary. Flash has been criticized for this by many, including late Steven P. Jobs. But SWF format has been open, since 1998 with the initial release of SWF specifications. And this is what we all said against proprietary format argument. Openness of SWF format meant that any 3rd […]

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(Officially) Announcing Azoth [at version 1.02]

“Azoth is a free  ’Alchemy Opcodes Injector’, a Windows console (Win32 command-line) application, for AS3 Flash programming, that lets you replace method calls to a certain AS3 class (included with Azoth) with equivalent Alchemy opcodes in a SWF file. This provides superior performance for accessing a ByteArray as memory, than you can achieve with AS3 alone”. We […]

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A Flash of Doom: An Alchemy That Works!

Awesome! One hundred percent pure, old-fashioned, home-grown, plain awesome… Adobe released Alchemy preview version on Labs some days ago. I haven’t even yet had the chance to download it. AFAIK, it lets you compile C/C++ code to AS3 for Flash Player 10. It’s bound to have some limitations (but not much apparently), and I don’t […]

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