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Silverlight in the Past Tense… Another Flash Killer bites the dust!

Flash is stronger than ever, as proved by the recent Adobe MAX 2010, and another so called Flash Killer is now gone…

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Online Chromatic Guitar Tuner with Flash

It was 1994, me and me brother were into music and computers (in that order). It was the year we created a MIDI driver for Windows 3.1 (Windows 95 was still in beta at the time). The device driver converted audio input to MIDI notes. We could directly record from line input to MIDI sequencer software. It […]

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(Officially) Announcing Azoth [at version 1.02]

“Azoth is a free  ’Alchemy Opcodes Injector’, a Windows console (Win32 command-line) application, for AS3 Flash programming, that lets you replace method calls to a certain AS3 class (included with Azoth) with equivalent Alchemy opcodes in a SWF file. This provides superior performance for accessing a ByteArray as memory, than you can achieve with AS3 alone”. We […]

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Today It’s 10th Anniversary of ASV…

Yay! 10 years ago today ASV version 1.0, the first decompiler for Flash, was released. One thing Twitter taught me is that long posts are not always the best, so I will keep this really short. As @elsassph said: We're getting old

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Prefixes vs. Namespaces… Why would the prefix solution have scaled better?

The prefix solution would have scaled better? Yes. And this does not contradict with what I wrote about how similar both are, in my previous post.

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