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Accessibility: Is a CC button deaf-friendly?

You learn something each day, sometimes it has a big impact. Suppose you are designing a FLV video player. Unless the player is to be extremely simple, you will want to support displaying closed-captions/subtitles, either because you are truly accessibility conscious and care about it, or, because you find the idea of displaying subtitles for […]

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Flash Player 9 Update 3 Beta 2 (MovieStar): H.264, HE-ACC support

This is huge news for web video and for Flash in general. As a result this has been already covered a lot, but if you are blogging about Flash or web, you cannot skip this kind of news. Here are some links: What just happened to video on the web? by Tinic Uro Big day […]

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Flash Video Player 3.8 Adds Captionate Support

Jeroen Wijering’s FLV Player is a well known and regarded, Creative Commons licensed, FLV player. Not everyone who makes use of FLV files needs to have Flash authoring tool. Jeroen Wijering’s FLV Player is easily configurable, has many options and plug-ins. Today version 3.8 was released which added support for Captionate embedded captions. It supports […]

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Adobe FLVCheck

Adobe FLVCheck tool is available at Adobe labs (Windows only)… "The Adobe FLVCheck tool allows you to modify FLV files that are created by non-Adobe technology so that they conform to the Adobe FLV file specification. Malformed messages inside the FLV file have been found to disrupt the quality of service when watching Flash Video […]

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Captionate at Adobe Flash Developer Center

Michael A. Jordan‘s article titled ‘Captioning Flash video with Captionate and the captioning-supported FLVPlayback component skins‘ was published at Adobe Flash Developer Center on May 7th. (Technically it’s still May 7th in the US, but in my time zone it’s 8th). The demo on the first page is something we should have done for Captionate […]

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