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SWF and AMF3 Specifications Updated


As announced by Thibault Imbert updated SWF and AMF specs are available for download at I’ve included the what’s new text at that page for the new versions below. A link to previous version 10 SWF specs is also kept at the page as archive. SWF File Format Specification (version 19) The SWF 19 specification includes […]

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SymbolClass Tag


We have been doing some enhancements about how we show information about SymbolClass tags in ASV (and UAE). Usually, I don’t post about technical matters like this because the info might be used by either competitors or SWF obfuscator vendors. We decided this one is sufficiently harmless, so here we go… A SWF file can […]

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ASV. 12.


  Today, we released the 12th anniversary edition of ASV¹ (ASV 2012/05) and also SWF Revealer 2.08 update. Thank you all!   Update (2012/05/17): To add some value to this dull post: In the first days, people sent us their own SWFs to get back the decompiled AS, in order to believe that ASV really worked […]

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And Then Premium Features Arrived…


On March 28, 2012, Adobe announced and introduced the anxiously awaited Flash Player Premium Features for Gaming, with Flash Player 11.2 and AIR 3.2. Also Roadmap for Flash Runtimes was updated. (BTW, the problem with the road-map is that it’s just some plans, ‘official gossip’ as I call it, it offers no commitment or legally binding […]

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Why will Premium Flash Player Features Kill Flash?


SWF file format, the format for Flash files, is proprietary. Flash has been criticized for this by many, including late Steven P. Jobs. But SWF format has been open, since 1998 with the initial release of SWF specifications. And this is what we all said against proprietary format argument. Openness of SWF format meant that any 3rd […]

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