ASV. 12.


Today, we released the 12th anniversary edition of ASV¹ (ASV 2012/05) and also SWF Revealer 2.08 update.

Thank you all!


Update (2012/05/17): To add some value to this dull post:

In the first days, people sent us their own SWFs to get back the decompiled AS, in order to believe that ASV really worked as advertised. We required people  include their name in the SWF so that we know it’s their own work…

Here are the samples we had on our site:

ASV 1.0 with SWF v4

movie2.swf (~6k), by Scott Romack, submitted on May 30, 2000.

movie2.txt (~2k) ASV 1.0 text output.

Notable notes:
This was the first ever sample we had.
Note the line
Duplicate Movie Clip (“motion”, “motion” & x, x + 16384)
The value added in Duplicate Movie Clip action is actually in the SWF and ASV 1.0 showed this. Later versions of ASV hides this value in order to make its output more compatible with Flash.


ASV 2.0 with SWF v4

curves9.swf (~7k), by Branden J. Hall, submitted on June 6, 2000.

curvers9-1.txt (~8k) ASV 2.0 text output to Flash 4 syntax

curves9-2.txt (~7k) ASV 2.0 text output to Flash 5 syntax

Notable notes:
Also demonstrated ASV 2.0′s ability to convert v4 AS syntax to v5 AS syntax.


ASV 2.0 with SWF v5

analog_clock.swf (~10k), by Marcos Pinto.

aclock.txt (~2k) ASV 2.0 text output.

Notable notes:
Demonstrated decompilation of the (then new) onClipEvent.


¹Action Script Viewer – the first SWF/Flash decompiler released on May 16, 2000.

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