Silverlight in the Past Tense… Another Flash Killer bites the dust!

Interesting news came from Microsoft’s PDC (Professional Developers Conference): Microsoft: Our strategy with Silverlight has shifted, by Mary Jo Foley.

(Read more at Microsoft’s Silverlight dream is over, by Tim Anderson, or a summary at Is Microsoft Turning Off the SilverLight?, Harry McCracken).

In short, Silverlight is now retired from its position as Flash Killer, coined about 3 years ago. MS thinks HTML5 will be the webs future, and it will be sufficient. Silverlight lives -not officially dead but will transform-, just like .NET… Here is what I wrote in May 2007: Silverlight must Live!

Flash is stronger than ever, as proved by the recent Adobe MAX 2010, and another so called Flash Killer is now gone…

Update: More on the Web:

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What MS guys say doesn’t change the current situation a bit.

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