Online Chromatic Guitar Tuner with Flash

It was 1994, me and me brother were into music and computers (in that order). It was the year we created a MIDI driver for Windows 3.1 (Windows 95 was still in beta at the time).

The device driver converted audio input to MIDI notes. We could directly record from line input to MIDI sequencer software. It effectively converted our regular electric guitar to a MIDI guitar, provided that we played single notes at a time.

It was a good start but certain things and life prevented us working more on it. Anyway, the pitch detection algorithm we used was something my brother worked on…

Back to 2010… Now that microphone data is accessible with Flash player 10.1, we decided to make use of the algorithm and provide a free online chromatic guitar tuner.

A quick search reveals that there are only a couple of similar online tuners with pitch detection but they are all Java. Ours is proudly Flash.

It’s not open source, but we encourage you to peek at the source, using AS3 Sorcerer

1994 seems so back in the past now, ancient. Yet at the same time it feels it was a blink ago… We still do plug in our axes from time to time, actual C source of the 16 bit device driver is lost long ago, but the algorithm, XAMDF, lives on…

Hope you find it useful. Happy tuning…

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2 Responses to Online Chromatic Guitar Tuner with Flash

  1. Sarah says:

    I really like that flash guitar tuner. The online java ones are no good but the shareware downloadable ones such as AP Tuner are good. It seems like your guitar tuner is telling me every string on my guitar is lower in pitch than it should be. But I have checked against the AP Tuner and some audio generators I have and I think your tuner may be off by about 20 degrees. Will there be future versions of this same program? I’d love to see a version where you could select which note you are aiming for and then the colored circles wouldn’t disappear so quickly when the volume fades. Thanks for the only flash tuner I’ve ever seen.

  2. Thank you.
    We have received quite a lot of positive feedback about our little tuner.
    We plan to have an update, as soon as we find some time for a ‘free’ project like this. Most probably we will have ‘sensitivity’ option and also a way to select ‘target frequencies’.