What should be the new name for Flash Authoring Tool…

I hated the Flash Builder name change and found it totally wrong, it turns out some of my reasoning was caused by different understanding of what Flash and Flash Platform means. I've updated my definitions in my previous post, but my concerns about increased confusion are still valid.

If Flash Builder name is indeed to clear up confusion, logical next step is renaming Flash authoring tool, AKA Flash Professional or Flash IDE (or simply Flash before Flash Builder).

Flash is currently a catch-all name, can refer to a SWF file, Flash Player (AKA Flash Platform in marketing talk), the IDE and more. It's comparatively easy to change the authoring tool name.

Other tools by Adobe, that start with 'Adobe Flash', does not end there. Sure, now current usage is becoming 'Flash Professional' but this also creates its own problems (see below) and it sounds like it's part of the version, not the actual product name.

Flash Professional is the premiere tool for creating Flash content. The day it's gone, will be the day sealing certain death for future of Flash. It's more than an animation tool, or a designer tool. It's a complete development tool, which also appeals to designers. Some Flex/Flash Builder users don't get this. I can understand them, they just don't know what Flash Professional is and so they cannot appreciate it.

I think, in all fairness, Flash Professional is still a good name, which needs no change. But Flash Builder users, who think they are the professional users and the Eclipse plug-in is the professional tool, don't like how 'Flash Professional' sounds more 'professional' and above 'Flash Builder'. So, something must be done, sooner or later.

Suggestions coming from Flash Builder users like 'Flash Designer' and 'Flash Animator' are IMHO quite unacceptable. 'Flash Studio' might have been a good name but it's sure to cause more confusion as initial expectation will be that 'Studio' includes 'Builder'.

The new name, should not be unfair to the tool and it should not sound more professional than Flash Builder. It should not be too different from what it is today. Tough job.

But I think I have a good suggestion, something only Adobe can do:

Adobe Flashshop

That's it. Everybody knows Photoshop and this name IMHO fits like a glove and has a good vibe. What do you think?

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6 Responses to What should be the new name for Flash Authoring Tool…

  1. Andre says:

    Complaining about the product names misses the point – it doesn’t matter that much. Renaming Flex Builder to Flash Builder really points out the absurdity of having two completely separate applications for creating swf files.
    I can’t think of any other company that does this. Having different versions of a product – standard, professional, enterprise – fine. But having different versions of a product with totally different tools and workflows? It’s just dumb.
    The Flash community is fragmented enough with the differences between AS2 and AS3. This is just making things worse.

  2. Abraham says:

    I agree, the common Flash IDE (Professional) should be renamed too.
    The name “Flashshop” (or maybe just “Flashop” hehe) i think its not accurate either, i mean the “-shop” suffix may be misunderstood relating it with Photoshop, which is a design tool, making some people to think Flashop its just a design tool… and we all (at least in the Flash community) know that you can develop applications too.
    I can’t think of a better name… maybe something with Devigner (Developer/Designer) in the name.. i don’t know

  3. Burak KALAYCI says:

    Hi Abraham,
    Thanks for the comment.
    > the “-shop” suffix may be misunderstood relating it with Photoshop, which is a design tool,
    I, expectedly, don’t agree. Yes, it will imply design and creativity (which are correct) but I don’t think to the point it will be perceived as just a design tool.
    Photoshop is a first class, respected application. -shop suffix, coming from Adobe, will give Flash that class and respect, instantly.
    The name will still be one word. This will help reducing people referring to it as just ‘Flash’ as before…

  4. Robin Debreuil says:

    Flash Classic : )

  5. tethys says:

    It’s called Adobe Flash. With however many different parts make up the whole. Adobe Flash also refers directly to the IDE, which is… fine! Then you have Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash Player and whatever else.. This is the most intuitive way of naming them to preserve the Adobe naming convention, and to make sure that Flash platform as it were stays understandable and accessible. whatever people refer to them as doesn’t matter. People will call the content Flash, and when you say “I use Flash”, they might assume you’re talking about the IDE, but that doesn’t matter, does it. There’s nothing wrong with referring to it as just Flash.

  6. tonypa says:

    Adobe Flashshop >> Flashop >> Flap