Updating my definitions… Done.

In Flash world, even the most obvious and simple word 'Flash' has a dubious meaning. After online and off-line reactions to my recent posts, I have updated my definitions (actually they are not formal or complete definitions, but what you need to really understand when the 'term' is used unless the context strongly suggests another meaning).

Following may seem obvious to some (kudos to them), but it took me some time to come up with this. Hope it helps. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

1 SWF file.
2 Adobe authoring tool for creating Flash Platform content (current version is Flash CS4 Professional)

SWF File
1 A file that runs on Flash Platform

Flash File
1 SWF file. Flash.

Flash Platform
1 Flash Player. Runs SWF files.
2 Flash Player and related tools by Adobe.

Flash Player
1 Flash Platform. Runs SWF files.
2 Actual file which implements the Flash Platform functionality. Most of the time either the browser plug-in or stand-alone executable version.

Adobe Flash xxx
1 An application by Adobe, which creates Flash Platform related content.

Flash Professional
1 Adobe authoring tool for creating Flash Platform content (current version is Flash CS4 Professional)

Flash Builder
1 Former Flex Builder. An Eclipse plug-in, by Adobe, for creating Flash Platform content.

- After 'Flex Builder' got renamed as 'Flash Builder', 'Flash Pro' is the least confusing way to refer to the authoring tool which was simply known as 'Flash'.
- Expect a name change to 'Flash Pro' sooner or later, as 'Flash Builder' developers are unhappy how 'Flash Professional' sounds more professional than 'Flash Builder'.

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3 Responses to Updating my definitions… Done.

  1. Brian Lesser says:

    Hi Burak,
    I found that to be pretty confusing. I think you might be better off starting at the core of things with the Flash Player, just as you might start with the Java virtual machine to describe Java before describing the Java language itself. Maybe starting something like this?
    Flash Player
    * A small runtime designed to work as a browser plugin, part of the larger AIR desktop runtime, and on mobile and other devices.
    * Includes a display list, render, ActionScript just-in-time-compiler, and supports numerous communication protocols based on TCP and UDP.
    * Loads and executes SWF files, that contain vector graphic tags, ActionScript byte code, and other resources such as sound data and images. SWF files are the distribution format for Flash animations and applications.
    * Flash applications may cause the Player to load other files such as images, videos, and other SWF files over the network via the browser or directly.
    I would do ActionScript next, then branch out to the developer/designer tools on wide side and the server communications pieces on the other.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  2. Hi Brian,
    Thanks again for the comment.
    Purpose of my definitions is different. Probably definition is not the correct word here (how ironic and embarrassing for me).
    It’s about understanding what others mean by the terms. For example, someone says ‘I use Flash’. What does that mean? Does he use Flash pro or does he have some SWF files on his web page, or does he mean Flash related tools usage in general?
    As I’ve said this may seem obvious to some. It may even be considered trivial but I won’t agree with that.
    For effective communication, and less confusion, meaning of terms must be agreed on.
    I’m no Flash newbie, but until some hours ago, ‘Flash’ by itself, first meant ‘Flash Pro’ to me.

  3. Brian Lesser says:

    Hi Burak,
    Sorry, I see what you mean.
    [You shouldn't be sorry for my English :) Your comments are always appreciated. Best, - Burak]