Flash 10 and Quake in Flash

Peter Elst has a post titled Adobe MAX Chicago – Sneak Peeks and you can’t afford to miss the videos about next version of Flash and C/C++ to AS3 conversion.

Next version of Flash will have a better ‘stage’ where you can have your video live and you’ll need to test your movie less. You’ve got to see the new tweens, they will become very capable and easy to use. Lastly demonstrated is kinetics – bones built-in to Flash, too cool I won’t even attempt to describe here.

C/C++ to AS3 conversion is really cool too. Applications are endless. You can have Ruby or PHP interpreter converted AS3 and actually run PHP code then. You find a sample C++ code, and you can use it in your SWF easily, there won’t be language barriers. Demo is impressive with Quake code converted to AS3. This is really something that can change a lot when it arrives.

Thank you Peter for the videos.

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2 Responses to Flash 10 and Quake in Flash

  1. Is that C++ converter something they intend to release as a real product? I thought that was only a showoff!
    Idon’t really see how they can mage a general C++ to AS3 translator. I mean. C++ is the most complex language I know. I mean it supports more programming styles and compiler features than any other language! Everything from low level bit shoving to generics and meta programming!
    But hey… I wont complain, since Im a C++ programmer at heart (and a AS3 fan).