ASV 6 Alpha 1

We have just made ASV 6 Alpha1 available to all licensed ASV 5 users. It’s really an alpha release, very incomplete.

Still, we think it will not be totally useless. And with the future alpha and beta versions, we hope our users will help us finding issues (With this alpha1 release, there are so many known issues, we are not really looking for reports from our users).

For example, the AS3 decompile engine integration to ASV is not complete at all (and neither the decompile engine), so you’ll see timeline scripts as classes, where each frame script is a method. Most probably you won’t be able to see those classes in later builds and each frame script will show on its own frame…

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2 Responses to ASV 6 Alpha 1

  1. Update: Current version available is Alpha 2a.

  2. Update: Current version available is Alpha 3.