SWF 9 Specs released!

Emmy Huang announced the release of SWF version 9 specs, which includes FLV specs, yesterday.

Changes in the SWF specifications from version 8 are relatively minor compared to contents of the new AS3 actionscripts tag: DoABC. ABC (Actionscript ByteCode) format was made available earlier.

As with SWF 8 specs, you need to agree to the license terms, which mainly prohibits you make use of the information to write your own Flash/SWF player. Also the specs does not include information about AMF3 for FLV files.

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2 Responses to SWF 9 Specs released!

  1. Aral Balkan says:

    Just read through the spec and realized that everything you need really is in the AVM informational document that was released earlier. It’s not very complete is it? I mean, you can’t assemble a Flash 9 SWF from bytecode by hand just by reading that spec.

  2. markval says:

    Even with the “SWF Uncovered: A Simple SWF File Dissected” section?!