‘Flash is dead’ Mindset…

Jesse Ezell proclaimed Flash dead on May 2, 2007. On May3, he blogged more details. That post is quite long, softer and may fool some people, he even ends it by saying ‘So, Flash is great. Silverlight just solves a lot of the major problems that I’ve run into with Flash’.

On June 12, Tinic Uro blogged about multi-core support in the upcoming Flash Player. Flash is to take advantage of multiple/multi-core CPUs, promising 25-33% performance enhancement…

Here’s what Jesse blogged: Flash: Now Slowing Down Your Multi-Core PC !


I had trouble believing my eyes. The Jesse I knew was a great guy I respected (though not always agreed with his opinions). After seeing that post, it feels sad but, he lost me.

That’s the same blinded mindset we saw with ‘RIA = Rich Interactive Applications’ supporters.

I’m beginning to seriously think that it’s not only money but Microsoft really makes use of brain implant chips which, as a side effect (or due to a bug), blinds ones judgment. If you are an MS fanboy, at least you can try to pretend to be fair, doesn’t that make sense?

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9 Responses to ‘Flash is dead’ Mindset…

  1. maliboo says:

    It looks like: “I don’t like this program because it can utilise real power of my machine”.

  2. Hi maliboo,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I’ve just remembered the following joke:
    Jesus returns and walks on water in front of media.
    Next day in the papers:
    ‘Jesus can’t swim!’.

  3. Well I can see where he gets disillusioned with Flash, they have gotten away with dropping the ball a lot over the years : ).
    I’ve been working with Blend (yuck) and XAML (yuck yuck) for a while now though, and *lots* has to change before they come near being a threat to Flash. It isn’t even the IDE needs to evolve, the base underlying format and philosophy are just wrong. Blend is basically a tool that exposes xaml, which really just exposes the problems rather than hiding them. Animating in it is pretty much impossible after drop down menus.
    The one big positive is Adobe seems to have a slight fire under their butt now, hopefully it pushes them to get the tools right one day. Time will tell I guess, but nice to see competition for once anyway. Hope Vista gets some one day too ; ).

  4. Thanks for the comment Robin, you know you rock!
    BTW, if anyone needs a SWF to XAML converter, check out the best by Debreuil Digital Works at http://theconverted.ca/
    Unfortunately, why anyone would need such a conversion is beyond me :)

  5. Lol, yeah : ). I actually could see why people would need a conversion tool – the current MS tools are impossible to do character animation with. Why someone would want to work in XAML at this point is the hard question. I guess if you have the faith…
    Loved the Jesus can’t swim joke btw – man that is so true : )
    PS I played a round of Guitar Hero yesterday with the kids, and it specifically told me I didn’t rock. The kids mentioned that as well : ).

  6. Phillip Kerman says:

    I think the point that it’d be better to utilize the GPU is valid.

  7. > I think the point that it’d be better to utilize the GPU is valid.
    Then, ‘Flash will slow down your GPU!’
    That’s not really the point, my post is about the mindset, but, I’m quite happy that I can get away with a lower GPU, as I don’t play any GPU intensive games.
    Do you mean it’s valid that I’m forced to upgrade my graphics card while my second CPU core stays idle?
    The time may come for utilizing the GPU, but utilizing multiple cores/CPUs is the natural first thing to do…
    Why doesn’t Windows utilize the GPU so that user can still ‘click on buttons’ when apps run on multiple cores? Surely that should be simple to do for Microsoft… And I won’t take no for an answer…

  8. Phillip Kerman says:

    Okay, I think I gotcha… I’m just saying the reason Flash is slow is more for the graphics rendering than for anything else… and (ideally) that’s where it should improve.

  9. maliboo says:

    So the point is that Adobe should add an option to switch off “use multithreading” just like hardware accel now. There is some free space for that;)
    BTW: What will be when MS adds such an option to SL too? Will be Silverlight also “bad”?;)