Silverlight Developer Poster Instructions

Brad Becker of MS gives instructions for the ‘Silverlight Developer Reference Poster‘ PNG he posted: "Print this out in color and put it on your wall." Read it carefully, black and white won’t do and you must put it on your wall :) Do Silverlight developers need such clear(!) commands instructions? I guess, without the instructions, some would print it b/w and some would put it on another thing which is not-a-wall. And, OMG, probably some wouldn’t print it at all and will try to get it free from MS at conferences…

Have a look at the poster PNG, and see what the ‘Silverlight 1.1 developer reference‘ consists of… It’s nice as a promotional poster but call it a ‘developer reference’ and I’d be insulted if I were a Silverlight developer.

- Hey, Silverlight developer, what’s the tool for Silverlight developers?
- Wait a minute, let me check my reference poster on my wall… hmm, yes, it’s ‘Microsoft Visual Studio’.

- What can yo?u tell me about XAML Parser?
- XAML Parser?!? Oh, yes, it’s a ‘subset of WPF’
- And…
- It’s in the ellipse thingy titled ‘presentation Core’
- Oh, you are a great developer! I worship you master!
- (Thanks to my color ”Silverlight 1.1 developer reference‘ on my wall.)

Seriously, if you are a Silverlight developer, can you post a comment and tell me if you’d put this on your wall or not? (Note: comments appear after moderation).

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4 Responses to Silverlight Developer Poster Instructions

  1. JesterXL says:

    …I had the .NET developer I work with print 2 out; one for me for my half-wall-half window, and his cube wall. He says it doesn’t make any sense… I don’t really get it that much, but it looks nice next to the Jersey Mike’s wrapper.

  2. Armand says:

    It’s crap. This is no developer reference, it’s marketing promotional material – the kind you show to your client to convince them that Silverlight is ‘the future’.

  3. DannyT says:

    Agreed, I first saw this and thought “oooh a developer reference for Silverlight, I’ll print that and put it on my wall” I then scanned over the PNG and saved the ink.
    I think a poster identifying the object and event models and maybe the boundaries between Silverlight and WPF would be useful, not some marketing hype.

  4. Jörg says:

    I put it on the office wall behind my back. Mainly because it brings some color in our otherwise dull surrounding.
    And because it has got the words “Don’t panic!” written across it in large friendly letters… no wait… that was something different.