Adobe FLVCheck

Adobe FLVCheck tool is available at Adobe labs (Windows only)…

"The Adobe FLVCheck tool allows you to modify FLV files that are
created by non-Adobe technology so that they conform to the Adobe FLV
file specification. Malformed messages inside the FLV file have been
found to disrupt the quality of service when watching Flash Video over
the Macromedia Flash Media Server. To ensure your FLV files are
properly formed, use this FLVCheck tool to check the FLV files before
you let others see them."

Seems targeted to fix FLVs for FMS use, nevertheless may come in handy other times too.

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2 Responses to Adobe FLVCheck

  1. Aran says:

    You know what’s a bummer though? If it finds errors, it doesn’t fix them!!! From the labs page:
    “The FLVCheck tool will inspect the FLV file and will only return information about the composition of the file. FLVCheck does not correct the FLV data if it is corrupted. If an error is found, you will need to re-encode the file to get the best quality of service for your consumers.”
    Why not correct the data if an error is found (missing metadata etc) like FLVMDI ?

  2. Hi Aran,
    My bad, I should have linked to that page ( ) rather than the download page.
    There it also says ‘This alpha version of the command-line tool…’. So a probable answer is ‘because it’s alpha’ but in any case ‘knowing’ that there’s a corruption still has powerful uses.
    Most importantly the tool will be available for Linux later, which means it will be useful on the server.
    Best regards,