ASV, UAE and ASR Updated

I usually don’t post about minor bug-fix updates to our software, but it turns out a significant amount of our customers simply forget to download the updates.

It’s trivial to have a ‘feature’ that checks for updates regularly, then download and update the software but ‘do not call home’ is our policy. In this spyware age, I still think it’s the only option we have.

We do have a menu command that says ‘check version’, opens the default browser with current version information passed on the URL, and the page shows if you are running the latest version or not. Apparently and expectedly this manual version checking is not enough for some of our users.

I do not intend to bloat my blog with insignificant product news, but until we find a better solution (have any ideas?), probably I’ll make posts like this every six months or so.

The news for our ASV, UAE and ASR customers is that we have a new version (5.15) available at their assigned download URLs. There are no new features, but lots of fixes. And, remember there’s a ‘Check Version’ command in the ‘help’ menu. Thanks…

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  1. We have fixed 3 more newly discovered issues with the decompiler engine and just released 5.16 versions.
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