ASV is 6 today

It’s been 6 years already?! We had our good times and bad times but what I remember most is hard work, and the joy of reading ‘thank you’ emails from happy customers…

We hoped to release the minor update we planned for ASV today, on its anniversary – but we weren’t able to do it. ‘Lets fix this too, it will take only a few hours’ were the evil words caused this. Anyway, it should only take a couple of days more…

Today, I thought about the past and the future, and realized this: We (Manitu Group) are small (We are only 4 people), and we will stay small. We will never make a few million dollars and be able to retire this way. Thank god we do not receive 100 orders a day, we won’t be able to cope with it. In the end, we are happy doing what we are doing and that’s all what really matters…

Though technically I’m the boss around here, being 4 people, we all feel like we don’t have any bosses – and that’s great. We are in Istanbul, Turkey, most of our customers are from the US – so we have a good excuse to wake up late and stay up until 4am. I usually arrive at the office at 2pm and that’s considered normal…

I’m 36 now, I’ve been programming since my mother brought home a Commodore VIC-20. You could easily get an out of memory error while typing a few pages of BASIC with it. (Later I bought myself a Sinclair ZX-81, it was worse in that respect). Now, my mobile phone has way better specs than the best computer I owned 15 years ago (It was a 386SX 16MHz with 2MB RAM and a 80MB harddisk, no sound card, no CD-ROM, multimedia PCs weren’t around then. It was my second PC), with the exception of the keyboard layout and screen size in inches…

So far, it’s been a fun journey. Thanks to ASV which allowed me to quit my day job where I had a boss and had to get up really early in the morning. Thanks to Macromedia (now Adobe) for making Flash… And, most importantly, thanks to our customers for their trust and continued support for a small software-house in Turkey.

It’s been 6 years already?! I guess time passes quickly when you are enjoying yourself…

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12 Responses to ASV is 6 today

  1. Hi, we’re about the same age – except when you were programming, I was playing video games and then designing. Now I’m getting better everyday with AS. I can’t express how invaulable ASV has been in my learning ActionScript! Ive used it since ver. 3 and it helps me make a great living with Flash and I use it at least 3 times a week if not more.
    Congrats on 6 years!
    //Michael Kaufman

  2. GH says:

    Congratulations on 6 years!!!
    Best luck to you and everyone at Manitu in the years to come.
    Best regards,

  3. Abdul Qabiz says:

    Hey Burak,
    Congratulations! I can imagine, how you must be feeling when you look back.
    We all appriciate you and your team for creating this amazing tool.
    I also liked your idea of being what you are, being small team…
    All the best..

  4. Aral Balkan says:

    Hey man — congratulations! Here’s to many more :) And where are the AS3 and Flex versions for us ASV addicts out there? :P

  5. Hilary Bridel says:

    Congratulations Burak,
    I have to say that the Manitu Group have the best customer service ever!
    I always get a prompt reply to my questions.
    Dont let the Manitu Group get so large that you cant spend time helping your customers.
    You guys rock!

  6. Aran Rhee says:

    Well, I just wanted to says a big thanks for all your tools. They are invaluable to me in my daily work.
    It’s great when someone can see a gap in workflow and actually take the time and effort to build a solution (FLVmdi, captionate etc).
    So cheers from one of many appreciuative flash developers :)

  7. Weyert de Boer says:

    Six years of Delphi joy!

  8. Congratulations! ASV is a great tool, and I always recommend it.
    Stay small and enjoy yourselves, that’s the way to go!

  9. Thanks for the comments.
    Best regards,

  10. Narration says:

    Burak, just one more to add in here.
    You and Manitu make very good tools, and they are essential. Also, it is a real pleasure to work with you, whenever that’s come up, and in your blog.
    Best wishes for the next six years ;)

  11. Adrian says:


  12. Hi Burak and team,
    Congrats on the 6th birthday of ASV and keep em coming :-) ))))