SWF (and FLV) 8 Specs Released

SWF version 8 specs, which includes FLV specs as usual,  were released earlier today.

FLV format is better documented this time and includes data packet format.

Most annoying part for me was Acrobat Reader 6 requirement, as I only have v5 and normally wouldn’t install bloated later versions. Good news is that Adobe has the download for v6.01 and doesn’t force you to download the latest version. Still for Windows it’s a 15.9MB (!) download, probably I’ll install it on a separate machine first to see what baggage it has.

We will be releasing updates to our software as soon as possible after revising them according to the newly released specs.

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9 Responses to SWF (and FLV) 8 Specs Released

  1. Rasmus says:

    Have you tried Foxit? It’s a 1MB download and doesn’t require any installation.

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just checked it and though it seems better than Adobe readers, it doesn’t work for this PDF.
    BTW, Adobe Acrobat Reader v6.01 completely and totally sucks! (I don’t know about newer versions). Adobe has a lot to learn from former Macromedians and this alone shows acquiring Macromedia was may be the best move for Adobe ever.
    Now I have over 40MBs of wasted space just to view one 2MB document… I may prefer taking screenshots of each page and view it in MS Paint(!).
    Best regards,

  3. John Dowdell says:

    Sorry for the Reader requirement, but last cycle there was a problem with people saying “I’ll agree to the terms-of-service, then pass it to you, and we’ll do some SWF import for our mobile engine, and we’ll be rich rich rich!” Now the document carries the TOS agreement within it.
    btw, don’t use Reader 6, particularly on Windows… the current 7.0 is much faster to start, has more features, can even render 3D objects set up with the new Acrobat 3D.
    (FoxIt, Preview, they all do the simpler parts of the PDF specification but don’t carry the full feature set.)

  4. Good news on the spec, I wish I was still doing swf stuff :( .
    One trick that helps a bit with the totally super annoying acrobat reader… As I’m sure you noticed they now have an ad in the top right size that changes color once it a while for maximum annoyance and distraction. If you open the search dialog and detach it, you can place it right over the ad and at least you don’t see that.
    I truly hope it is the former MM’s that win this internal debate, and not the other way around!
    As always, thanks for the spec info : ).

  5. erixtekila says:

    Sorry Buraks, but if I interpret correctly the licence agreement for reading the new specifications, you won’t be allowed by contract to produce swf or flv anymore…

  6. Thanks for the comment JD. While I don’t think embedding the license to the specs will solve any problem at all practically, I do think that Adobe has every right to push its format to all who wants to see the specs.
    Thanks for the tip Robin!
    erixtekila, it says ‘You may not use the Specification in any way to create or develop a runtime, client, player, executable or other program that reads or renders .swf files.’.
    hmmm. It seems I didn’t read the last part carefully, I thought it applied to only creating a player…
    You are allowed to export SWF or FLV but not *read* them.
    I have read the specs, but the only thing we have missed in our software is Screen Video V2 codec (which I have never seen and I don’t know how to produce a FLV with the encoding). We already had all the rest (and without the errs in the specs) and we don’t need even a single change.
    I find it hard to believe that you cannot use the specs to create an application that reads SWF files at all, it should be a misunderstanding, if not, we will not use the specs in any way (we have prior work done).
    Best regards,

  7. Emmy Huang, Product Manager for Flash Player at Adobe, posted the following in response to my question:
    “Burak – the first restriction is designed to limit the ability to create a player. The purpose is to ensure the format doesn’t split (e.g. when you write a swf, we guarantee it plays back as expected on the browsers/platforms we support). So if you didn’t create a player, it’s probably ok.”
    Best regards,

  8. George says:

    The restriction is designed to make sure Adobe can send its lawyers to kill any reasonable Flash player that appears – this is the real purpose of the clause.

  9. amol says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just saw a mention of ‘Screen Video V2″ codec in your discussion.
    I am trying to implement ‘encoder’ for it by going through the flash/swf specification. But those documents do not provide all needed information with clarity.
    Do you have any idea about this codec.
    If yes, then can you explain me use of ‘color-palette’ with respect to this codec.