ASV 5 Now Available!

We have just released ASV 5. The release was somewhat delayed (it was in customer public beta phase for the last 6 weeks) and we still don’t have the help file ready – but we thought we shouldn’t delay the release for the help file, since lots of our customers qualify for a free upgrade and they won’t need the help file at all (And I seriously have doubts that many people read it in the first place). Some of the add-on tools will be updated during next week, and we hope to have the site updated by Monday.

Main new feature of ASV 5 is full Flash 8 support.

More info about the upgrade process is available at our support board. [Update (2010) : We closed the support board in 2010]

Also, I didn’t blog about them but we have also released new versions of UAE and ASR with Flash 8 support recently.

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    ASV 5 Now Available!