(OT) DRM News…

Vista will be infested with DRM, this was everywhere today. Another news is that Intel based Macs will have TPM chips…

DRM is any technology which protects interests of big companies against little people like you and me, by treating us as thieves. The best part (of course for the big companies; DRM has virtually no benefit for the user) is that we pay any additional price and we are inconvenienced.

TCP is another technology which makes DRM implementation more possible by taking away users privacy (pretending that this is for the users security).

(Disclaimer: the above are my personal definitions. Read more about TCP here).

Here are some links from TheInquirer:
Microsoft Vista creates DRM insanity
Your new hardware is already broken
Apple sneaks in security chip

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5 Responses to (OT) DRM News…

  1. Let me clarify a few points of my view:
    While (as a software vendor) I believe digital rights management is not a bad thing in principle, I am yet to see any DRM that works. DRMs don’t work against dishonest people (they always find a way) and DRMs inconvenience honest users.
    Trusted Computing won’t make DRMs work, it will inconvenience honest users more, take away our privacy and potentially our freedom – has very dangerous implications.

  2. I saw an article yesterday at /. that suggested that the new Macs wont have TPM:
    the /. post is at:
    So, I’m not sure it is a given that the TPM will be in the new Macs yet – it is still a wait and see game.

  3. “John Dvorak suggests that Steve Jobs eventually intends for Apple’s Mac OS X to run on any x86 PC.”
    (via Josh Dura http://www.joshdura.com/links/479/os-x-on-all-x86-pcs ).

  4. Apple Mac News

    Recent Apples patent filings (see here and here ) show that they put their R&D types o