iPod Bible Player (Do you remember FlashPad?)

Back in 1998-99 Flasher.net/flashpad.html hosted the best resource site for Flash (admitedly there were only few). FlashPad was the first Flash community forum -an award winning site. Pablo Mendigochea (aka Paul) was the architect. I remember discussions titled ‘Gabo is god!’, referring to the stunning Flash movie by Gabriel Mendoza of gabocorp.com. Paul was one the best known names in the Flash world and he even had an article on SWF optimization at Macromedia site. Those were the times…

Anyway, I naturally had links to flasher.net at my free Swifty Utilities site, which I removed a few hours ago because flasher.net is now a ‘porn’ site. I went to flashpad.com – its purchase had created some fuss years ago -, and it’s now about 100% natural acne treatment…

Then after some searching, I managed to get in touch with Pablo! He’s fine and he is creating shareware. Check out Audio Bible Player by Pablo, "the ultimate MP3 Audio Bible", you can read and listen to the Bible on your iPod with it. (Also see CNet coverage about it). Pablo mentioned that he’s also doing Flash work – he’s been involved with Flash since FutureSplash was released, so I’m not surprised.

I want to thank Pablo for what he’s done for the community back then. I’m sure we’ll hear of him more in the future.

(See The Golden Age of Flash post by Owen – oh when – van Dijk for some more info about FlashPad and some nostalgia).

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2 Responses to iPod Bible Player (Do you remember FlashPad?)

  1. erikbianchi says:

    w00t flashpad!
    Man those where the days! I use to be a moderator way back then for Flasher.net.
    Reminiscing; do you remember the gabo wars (is he real or something macromedia marketing came up with), the matinee “magic 3d” software and the void texture mapping madness. Lol, I remember this one poster in particular “Deus Ex” (or something like that) because he use to start the biggest flame wars. Wonder what ever happened to him?

  2. infokill says:

    Oh my god… You guys brought a tear to my eye reading about the old Flashpad. I just thought about it then for some reason and wanted to see if there was any reference to it. I used to go on the flashpad every day and used to have battles with DeusX, hakinnenf1 etc. Mano1, The Void, Peter(NRG) etc. all used to be on there back in the day.
    I still miss it. It had an underground feel to it and it was the first of it’s kind.
    I remember when flashkit.com was launched, being very loyal to flashpad and not wanting to move over the flashkit. Then the flashpad went down. One of those strange events online that ends an era.
    RIP flashpad! haha
    Matt // infokill