Yahoo! Toolbar Download Update

Flash Player download page for IE users is now updated (You must visit the page using IE)! Soon after WeatherBug bundle is removed from the Shockwave (Director) Player…

The download is still opt-out (and Shockwave player still has the Y! Toolbar bundled) but now the page is very clear about what you are downloading.

My biggest concern about the download was that because it was opt-out, it seemed like a spyware download tricking users (See my previous post). Making the download opt-in was a small step to fix the issue.

Macromedia didn’t make the download opt-in but instead redesigned the page so that it’s now very clear that the Y! Toolbar download is optional. Frankly, I’d have preferred an opt-in download but I’m satisfied with the new design – it doesn’t look like a page tricking users for a spyware download now. Consequently, now the Yahoo! Toolbar doesn’t seem like a spyware either.

Looking at the old design, it’s now obvious to me, it was the design responsible for most of the bad effect. The EULA for the toolbar was in a very small, hard to read window, Install button at the top urged a click before reading any info available, radio button choices were not that clear and the word ‘FREE’ was over stated… Combine that with the opt-out nature of the offer and you had a page which was evil…

See old design here
See new design here

It seems making the download opt-in was not an option. As stated by Macromedia publicly, Yahoo! and Macromedia has a ‘relationship’ which will benefit Flash in the end – though no details about the deal is provided… Still, Macromedia and Macromedians stated many times that no other software will be bundled with the Flash player installer in the future (not something Director developers can enjoy).

Y! Toolbar for Firefox is currently beta, so expect to see it offered in a similar way to Firefox users when it’s out. (Adobe also offers the toolbar, again opt-out, with their Acrobat Reader download. Their design was clear at the time I checked – they had the recommended full download opt-in!).

The Player FAQ seems not changed, and also the Y! Toolbar EULA; still mentions ‘I agree’, ‘I Disagree’ buttons and is volatile as ever…

Thanks Macromedia and all Macromedians!

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8 Responses to Yahoo! Toolbar Download Update

  1. bob mould says:

    sad day…

  2. Here’s the link about Shockwave player announcement (by Tom Higgins):
    Here’s the link to the post by Mike Chambers (of Macromedia) about Flash and Y! Toolbar issue:
    One of the comments mention that only English version of the page has been updated. I’ve checked this and it seems true! (Flash Player 7 mit Yahoo!-Toolbar – KOSTENLOS. Jetzt installieren Akzeptieren… Yikes! I thought I was posting a historic screen shot of the old design in my post…).
    LordAlex also posted about Mike Chambers’ post:
    He says: “…I think is great, not only because the options are more clear this time, but the change also means Macromedia continue listening to developers…”, which I completely agree.
    I agree that the result is not ideal but I don’t find it unacceptable now (for Flash developers anyway).
    Best regards,

  3. Macromedia Redesigns Flash Download Page

  4. Macromedia Redesigns Flash Download Page

  5. Thomas SLOAN says:

    I installed yahoo tolbar again as I always do when I reformat my drfives but latyle yahoo’s been acting funny sometime cant get my mail, now the spyware thing on the tooolbar is not working? It did happen before and I updated it but is there going to be a shuydown of yahoo? as I use it all the time and would like a littlwe time to used to say excite or another while still having YAhoo Iys all I ever usd sisnce 1996!
    S PLease reply

  6. Hi,
    This is pretty off-topic here, as I have no experience with the toolbar.
    Still, you may have installed the toolbar without Anti-spy. You may try downloading again at
    Help for the toolbar is available at
    Best regards,

  7. Charles Cooley says:

    I would like to cancel or eliminate the content advisor. It blocks everything I try to do. Please help.

  8. Yahoo Player says:

    Yahoo Player

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