JSFL: Arrange Library

Earlier this week Funciton Team released an Order Library JSFL command. We were working on something that will help organizing the library too.

When you use the ‘JSFL Rebuild’ feature of ASV, which tries to rebuild the FLA using JSAPI to give you a head start when reconstructing your SWF, you need to import the assets exported by ASV to the library (because you cannot import sounds etc. with JSAPI and not even SWFs to the library). There, you have a totally flat library which definitely needs to be organized…. This command was to be a part of ASV, but we decided to release it free (but still copyrighted).

Jonathan Clark kindly provided the specs, and Peter Hall kindly helped with testing.

ASV Arrange Library arranges library items according to their usage. If symbol1 uses symbol2, then it creates a folder named ‘symbol1 gfx’ at the same level with symbol1 and puts symbol2 into the folder. If a symbol is used by more than one symbol, it will be placed in the path that includes both symbols. Unused items and sounds have their own folders. If you have a folder named ‘Flash UI Components’, it won’t be touched. Unfortunately, bitmaps used in fills are not detected.

Sounds cool? Current version lacks documentation but not much is needed really. Comments and bug reports are welcome.

Download ASV Arrange Library command:
ZIP version MXP version

Jan 26, 2004 Update: Version 1.5 is released. Also now more info about the command is available here.

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  1. Fernando says:

    Ahh, nice idea really! :)
    Thanks for posting about our command.

  2. Thanx 4 this nice gift ! :)

  3. aSH says:

    This rocks my workflow!
    Thank you!

  4. Thanks Dear for the free material ..Thanks !!!