Extracting FLV Audio

FLV (Flash Video) files, when converted to Video Symbols in a SWF file, don’t have any audio. The audio is converted to a streaming sound (and mixed with existing sounds if necessary), which can easily be extracted with ASV.

So in order to extract the audio of a FLV, you would import the FLV to a FLA, create enough empty frames, export the SWF. And then ASV can extract the audio from the SWF*.

Well, this didn’t work for FCS created FLV files. Most of the time they would have the sound in 8k NellyMoser format, which is not supported by SWF format (which is not relevant here though), and Flash just wouldn’t import them as they are. Another consideration was that they may contain hours of audio for which the 16K frame limit of a SWF file might become the practical limit.

We have just released ASVFAF, a free add-on tool for ASV. (Legal users can download the tool from their download page).

ASVFAF, converts FLV files to Flash importable audio FLV files and optionally creates many files containing selected length of audio, and again optionally creates MX or MX 2004 1 fps FLA files with appropriate length of empty frames.

Is this a shameless advertisement? Not to make it sound so, I’m offering 3 copies of the tool free to whoever requests it in the comments to this post. Normally, ASVFAF requires ASV installed but this special version will be able to run standalone.

Merry Christmas!

* Another alternative might be using FLV2SWF, but it costs 199.99 EURO.

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16 Responses to Extracting FLV Audio

  1. Ejoe says:

    I’m the first to request ASVFAF !!!!
    can I have one ?

  2. OK, you get the first one Ejoe.
    And please remember, if you already have ASV, you get it free.

  3. JesterXL says:

    I’ll get my legal copy rather than hark on someone else’s holiday fortune. I wanted to comment, though, in saying that I’m sure a few Flashcom peeps will love this! You rule.

  4. Kenny Bunch says:

    I want a copy :) . Can I email you? I don’t post with my real email address because of spam.

  5. Sure. Also as far as I’m aware, if you state a website, only I will be seeing the email you state. (Email me at burakk@buraks.com)

  6. stefan says:

    Nice one, I haven’t got ASV but freebies are always appreciated :-)

  7. OK, Stefan gets the third one then.

  8. Justin says:

    ASV is an invaluable tool for a developer. a) you can recover code and library assets from a corrupted .fla. b) sometimes there are bugs that are just out of your control, ASV allows you to decompile your own .swfs and find where the bug actually is (I’ve found several MM bugs with DataBinding this way) c) ASV let’s you decompile your own swfs which will let you see the source of components that do not distribute the source. I mention this not because I promote theft, but often components are not documented to the extent that you need. Many times the functionality that you need to do or extend is all ready built in, but with poor documentation it’s nearly impossible. With ASV everything becomes possible. It’s well worth the meager price, and now with this great tool, it becomes even more invaluable.

  9. Brajeshwar says:

    Have I just become batman? I cannot see a download of the tool. [I know I am as blind as a bat at times.]

  10. Brajeshwar, I’ve emailed you a reminder for the download location!

  11. Graeme says:

    only 3? just one more maybe? What a cool tool to have. I never knew it would be possible to take the audio out of a flv file, this has so many options it’s nuts…

  12. Abdul Qabiz says:

    I am late i guess…may be next time..

  13. Danger says:

    Merry Xmas to you :)

  14. T. Thomas says:

    Hey, errr, ummmmm, uhhh, errmmm….
    I’m like only like 2 years, 5 months behind on the requests for the audio extraction tool you were offering in 12/03. I understand if there are no more copies to be handed out free of charge, so if you could possibly tell me how I might find more info about this nice application. Of course I will probably find it as soon as I post this and start exploring your site.

  15. taowen says:

    I have created a google page to describe this problem:

  16. Jon says:

    Check this url: http://flv2mp3.com
    Hope it can help you